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FC/S Trapshooting Results

Fillmore Central/Shickley Trap Team returned to the Crooked Creek Gun Club for the third week of the 2011 Central Nebraska Trap Shooting Conference on April 2. Of 202 total shooters at the conference shoot, 39 were from the Fillmore Central/Shickley team.

The team proved strong at the 16 yard mark. Andrew Schropfer and Danny Loseke each nailed 50 straight to tie for the top spot. Schropfer came out on top after a shoot-off to be named High Senior Male. The senior team of Dylan Colgrove, Jake Herman, Colin Monteforte, Andrew Schropfer and Austin Tatro were named High Senior Team for the 16’s hitting 235 rocks.

In the handicap round, Jake Herman participated in a shoot-off for high male champion and then again for the winner of the 22-23 yard line after he broke 48 rocks. Herman ended the day by taking home the Male Runner-up Overall award by hitting a total of 93 rocks on the day. The same senior team of Colgrove, Herman, Monteforte, Schropfer and Tatro were named High Team Overall nailing 438 rocks.

The Junior team also took home plenty of trophies. Matt Loseke nailed 47 rocks for High Junior Male Award. Brevan Nun and Wyatt Schiermeyer each hit an equally impressive 45 rocks. After competing in a shoot-off, Schiermeyer came home with the High Junior Male Runner Up Award. The junior team of Jacob Bespelac, Derek O’Connor, Loseke, Nun and Schiermeyer, broke 221 rocks and was named High Junior Team.

High School team scores were: (16 yard score/handicap score/total):

Team 1: Trevor Dohrman 46/45/91; Charlie Buckles 44/43/87; Danny Loseke 50/33/83; Jake Martin 42/40/82; Dillon Steinacher 48/44/92. Total team scores: 230/205/435.

Team 2: Dylan Colgrove 44/37/81; Jake Herman 48/48/93; Colin Monteforte 49/40/89; Andrew Schropfer 50/37/87; Austin Tatro 47/41/88. Total team scores: 235/203/438.

Team 3: Dillon Graham 49/33/82; Jake Howe 48/38/86; Thane Motis 42/35/77; Brady Quick 43/38/81; Jesse Salmon 44/42/86. Total team scores: 226/186/412.

Team 4: Emily Alfs 38/38/76; Brady Domeier 37/37/74; Kurt Karcher 46/34/80; Morgan Monteforte 43/34/77. Total team scores: 164/143/307.

Team 5: Tyler Glenn 44/38/82; Tanner Hedden 41/35/76; Grady Joe 42/34/76; Tyler Lauenstein 39/41/80; Jacob Shipman 37/42/79. Total team scores: 203/190/393.

Junior high team scores were (50 rocks at 16 yards):

Team 1: Jacob Bespalec 42; Matt Loseke 47; Brevan Nun 45; Derek O’Connor 42; Wyatt Schiermeyer 45. Total team score: 221.

Team 2:, Ben Baltzer 36; Baylee Howell 25; Tyler O’Connor 31; Tanner Ourada 33; Garrett Whitley 37. Total team score 162.

Team 3: John Alfs 17 and Logan Peppard 26.