FC C-1 In Football

Published on Tuesday, 21 August 2018 15:29
Written by thenebraskasigna

This year, the NSAA is using boy-only and girl-only numbers to place all schools in specific classes.  Because of this, Fillmore Central has become the last school to be in the Class C-1 football classification.  Student numbers at the Heartland Boys Home also factor in on the FC boys' NSAA number for classification.  The Panther girls will remain in Class C-2.
Platteview, Nebraska City and Aurora are the three largest schools in Class C-1 football with boy numbers of 157, 156 and 153, respectively. FC, Valentine, Chase County and Lincoln Lutheran are the smallest schools in C-1 football with 70 boys. Conference rival Milford is also in C-1 with 73 boys.
Conestoga and Louisville, with 89 and 78 boys, opted to stay in Class C-2 and not be eligible for play-offs.  Syracuse, Gordon-Rushville and Norfolk Catholic are the largest C-2 football teams with 69 boys.