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Heritage Valentine Fun

One of the most enjoyable parties of the year is the Valentine’s Party and a very special part of that is crowning the Royalty each year. At Heritage, we select as many folks as we can, as they all delight in knowing that, at least for a day, they are one of the “royal court.” Of course, we give all of our past royalty badges also, as it is always fun to recall the joy they had when they were crowned. Resident, guests and families enjoyed the social hour prior to the party and the musical entertainment by Paul Ramp.

Our King selected was Bill Picard. He was born in Geneva and graduated from Geneva High School in 1948. He attended Doane College for two years and then went one semester to the University. He joined the U.S. Air Force which found him in many different locations, ending up at the Air Force Base near Fort Worth, Texas. He graduated from TCU in 1956, got married, adopted a girl and a boy, and became the Purchasing Agent at UNO. He then went to the Methodist Hospital as a Personnel Director working his way up to the Assistant Administrator.
Our Queen this year was Evelyn Hughes. This gal was born in December of 1922, in Central City and after attending the Lincoln School of Commerce to become a Secretary/Stenographer, she met and married Verle Myers. He farmed near Geneva so they moved here and were blessed with two sons – Delwyn and Delton. After his death, she married Darrell Hughes on December 22, 1995, and added his three children to the family. Her hobbies have included counted cross-stitch, quilting and “digging in the dirt.”

The King and Queen in the Assisted Living were Ken and Elaine Ebbeka of Strang. They were married on December 28, 1984 and moved from the farm in rural Strang to the Assisted Living in 2017. Ken is an Army veteran and enjoys playing cards, while Elaine is a “go-getter” who enjoys meeting with friends in Strang.

The Princess in the Assisted Living and the Prince in the Skilled Nursing Home are a Hebron couple – Eugene and Barb Wiedel. Gene was born in July on the family farm and has been a lifelong farmer/stockman, especially enjoying his horses. He graduated from Hebron High School in 1948 and then served with the Army Engineers in the Korean War. He married Barb, a Fairbury gal, in April of 1955. She was a Fairbury High School graduate and worked in the Golden Rule Store there. She has always enjoyed gardening, yard work, and was always planning her next flowerbed. The couple had six little “helpers” to milk cows, help around the house and in the yard, and they feel very blessed with the very large family that they have grown into.

We honored three princesses in the Nursing Home. Dolores (Norder) Johnson was born and grew up in Bruning. She graduated from Bruning High School and became a homemaker – feeling very blessed with her four girls and two sons. She enjoyed gardening and voices that her faith has sustained her through some very difficult times. She loves music and has done oil and acrylic paintings and when her mother was a resident here, she and her sisters shared those talents by doing several art shows and musical programs.

Lola Kennel was also crowned as a princess. She was born in Milford in November of 1919 and went to country school through the 8th grade. At that time your education was considered complete, so at that time, she went to work as a caregiver in other people’s homes. She met her husband at a church conference and after they were married they moved to Shickley where they were blessed with three children. She has always enjoyed flowers and sewing and has managed to keep herself busy in being a homemaker.

Ima Nichols of Friend was born on a farm near Wauneta in December of 1929. She graduated from Wauneta High School and was married to Norman. She says that she has worked hard her whole life – helping on the farm, driving truck, and raising her family. She always enjoyed cooking and baking – “all those homemaker things!”
Another special “Valentine Party” is our Couple’s Dinner. The Multi-Purpose Room becomes a first rate dining area and all of those married couples from the Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Home enjoy the change in their routine.
Enjoy all the photos!