Writing Winners Announced

Published on Tuesday, 06 February 2018 16:48
Written by thenebraskasigna

The GFWC Fairmont and Geneva Women’s Clubs worked together to sponsor a poetry and short story contest for K-12 Fillmore Central School students and homeschooled students in the district. On the local level we judge by each grade and then for the state contest we judge by category.  The stories and poems were outstanding and it was very difficult for the judges.
Following are the winners:
Grade 3A-Short Stories: first–Joey Stoner “The Football Star,” first–Ali Nichols “Bramble,” second–Hunter Fintel “The Limit,” second–Clayton Kahler “How Wonder Woman Defeated Zeus,” third–Kendra Lauber “Toy Store.”
Grade 3B–Short Stories: first–Ayden Jackson “The Forest,” first–Kayden Bolejack “All About Santa Claus,” second–Addysen Brown “Mrs. Noon needs to go to the Moon,” second–Addison Graham “The Best Elf and the Shelf Book,” third–Kinyon Miller “The Dino Fight Night.”
Grade 4–Poetry: first–Harlee Hafer “Black and Blue Waters,” first–Katie Jensen “Trees.”
Grade 4A-Short Stories: first–Kolby Coon “My Christmas,” first–JacLynn Gewecke “Going Blind,” second–Micah Krueger “Broken Wrist,” second–Austyn G. Nun “A Skiing Adventure,” third-Katie Jensen “Here Turkey Turkey!,” third–Kagen Girmus “Beautiful Geneva,” honorable mention–Chase Myers “Farming With Zach.”
Grade 4B–Short Stories: first–Addison Treinen “The Husker Game,” first–Trevor Roach “Rocca Scary Farm!,” second–Mikayla Kye Anderson “The Puppys,” second -Jaret Potthoff (no title), third–Adilyn Myers “Snow tunal fun.”
Grade 5–Short Stories: first–Daniel Stoner “The game,” first–Addison Ekeler “The Broken foot catastrophe,” second–Alena Zahirovic “Personal Narrative,” second-Haizie Ane Verzani “My Tonsil Surgery,” third–Ashtin Clark “The Tree Incident,” third–Peyton Komenda “My Sad Day,” honorable mention–Kiffin Theobald “Baby Kash,” honorable mention–Katelyne Julich “My Sister’s Volleyball Game.”
Grade 6–Poetry: first–Harley Cunningham “Ode to a sloth,” first-Hallie Verhage “Ode to Emojis,” second-DaKoda Coon “Ode to a Pencil,” second-Wyatt Rayburn “Ode to Forging,” third-Ayden Wusk “Ode to Carlos,” third-Averie Scheil “Ode to Sleep,” honorable mention-Amari Hall “Ode to Ice Cream,” honorable mention-Jackson Turner “Ode to Derby,” honorable mention-Kaili Head “Ode to Blue-Raspberry Slushies.”
Grade 6–Short Stories: first–Wyatt Rayburn “The Mountainous Adventure,” First-Lilly Srajhans “The Missing Princess,” second–Carlos Andujo Lopez “Mission Z,” second-Kathryn Godown “The Magic Cave,” third-Adela West “The War of the Century,” third-Amy Lauby “The Cruse,” honorable mention-Averie Scheil “The 3 Animals,” honorable mention-Harley Cunningham “And the Winner is.........,” honorable mention-Jasper Stutzman “The Magic Rocks.”
High School-Poetry: Sydney Schelkopf “For the Love of the Game” (grade 12), Short Story: Madison Bonin “A Grand Adventure” (grade 11).
Adult Division-Short Story: Nancy Stricklett Galaway “Words I Never Thought I Hear.”
Category 1 is grade K-2, Category 2 is grades 3-5, Category 3 is grades 6-8, Category 4 is grades 9-12. There is also an adult category for adult club members. Division II–Poetry: Harlee Hafer “Black and Blue Waters” and Katie Jensen “Trees”; Division II–Short Stories: Daniel Stoner “The Game," and Addison Ekeler “The Broken Foot Catastrophe;” Division III-Poetry: Harley Cunningham “Ode to a Sloth,” and  Hallie Verhage “Ode to Emojis;” Division III-Short Stories: Wyatt Rayburn “The Mountainous Adventure,” and Lilly Srajhans “The Missing Princess;” Division IV-Poetry: Sydney Schelkopf “For the Love of the Game;” Division IV-Short Story: Madison Bonin “A Grand Adventure;” and Adult Division-Short Story: Nancy Stricklett Galaway “Words I Never Thought I Hear.”