OCIA Farmer Of Year

Published on Wednesday, 17 January 2018 14:58
Written by thenebraskasigna

OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association) International is a leading US and International Organic Certifier Group, headquarted in Lincoln. The Outstanding Organic Farmer of the Year is an annual award honoring and recognizing talented producers who certify to the OCIA level of excellence. These farmers excel in thoughtful cropping and livestock practices that build soil and reduce pest and weeds.
They maintain and enhance the environment. They are innovative in farm practices. They ensure integrity and safety of food and manage their farm operations in a safe and conscious fashion. Outstanding organic farmers are involved in the organic community, promoting and supporting organic agriculture. They are often, also involved members of their local communities.
Jerry Lahners of Bruning has been farming organically in Thayer County for over 15 years. On Saturday morning, in Columbus, Jerry and Gail were awarded the “Farmer of The Year Award” by OCIA .
Gail got Jerry started into Organic many years ago.  Since then, he has been Organic farming near Bruning, Hebron and more recently, some land owned by Bob Reinke, just east of Deshler. Jerry has been very innovative at improving the efficiency of his farms.
In the photo (above with this article) he has a crimper attached to the front of the tractor and a no-till planter on the back. He makes one pass through the field crimping the cover crop down and planting corn. The crimped cover crop keeps the weeds down the entire growing season, and no expensive chemicals and no more field work is needed till harvest.