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NHSPA Presents Awards, Award-Winning Ideas

The Nebraska High School Press Association’s (NHSPA) Fall Convention was held on October 16, at the UNL Student Union. Eight Shickley students attended with their yearbook sponsors, Mrs. Jennifer Ippensen and Mrs. Rebecca Jorgenson. Members of this year’s yearbook staff are Macy Kamler, Raegan Fiala, Regan Alfs, Nicole Swartzendruber, Brooke Jorgenson, Kaylee Noel, Briana Janing and Bryn Kadel.
The keynote presentation was about Social Justice Journalism. Professor Joe Starita, and UNL students shared their Wounds of Whiteclay project experience. This journalistic effort has helped bring about life-saving change in Nebraska. You can visit the website at Their presentation emphasized that through journalism student voices can make a positive impact on society.
Students also attended a number of breakout sessions on special topics, including:
• UNL photography professor Bruce Thorson shared secrets of taking outstanding sports photos and creating other kinds of award-wining photos.
• Journalism instructor Jessica Fargen Walsh showed attendees how to craft impactful headlines.
• Omaha World-Herald columnist Matthew Hansen discussed his methods of thinking creatively about story ideas.
• Veteran reporters Cindy Lange-Kubick and Peter Salter of the Lincoln Journal Star provided tips for writing feature stories.
• Former Chicago Tribune journalist Katie Nieland presented important design principles to help publications stand out.
• Dirk Chatelain, Omaha World-Herald sports writer, talked about how to tell memorable and engaging sports stories that resonate beyond the playing field.
• Lani Hanson, former editor of UNL’s campus newspaper, the Daily Nebraskan, shared leadership ideas related to keeping your staff happy, motivated, and productive.
At the convention, awards were handed out for last year’s publications. Shickley’s 2016-17 yearbook “We Are Shickley” received a superior rating and special Golden Kernel awards for theme and coverage.
Last year, Tyler Lear was a full-time yearbook staff member who took a journalism class. He was responsible for most of the photo sorting, selecting and editing for the publication. Tyler also collected information, interviewed students and wrote copy for the book. Co-curricular members of the staff were Carley  Swartzendruber, Nicole Swartzendruber, Regan Alfs, Raegan Fiala, Brooke Jorgenson, Kaylee Noel and Alyssa Nolt. Staff members were responsible for all aspects of the publication, including theme development, photography, sales, writing and editing. Sophomore and junior English students also wrote copy for many captions and articles. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to making the yearbook a successful publication.
The NHSPA judge’s feedback on last year’s publication and the ideas that were presented at the fall convention will provide guidance as the yearbook staff works to publish the 2017-18 yearbook.