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FC FFA Members Attend National FFA Convention

The 90th National FFA Convention was held October 24-28. Fifteen Fillmore Central FFA members attended and participated in this year’s convention, which was held in Indianapolis, Ind. Eleven members attended with advisor Kurt VanDeWalle and student teacher Blair Hartman. These members were Kyle Broman, Gunnar Chapman, Macey Novak, Jared Engle, Sadie Birky, KayLynn Sieber, Kaylea Geiser, Gunner Gewecke, Conner Nun, Trenton Srajhans and Tucker Stutzman.
Tanner Nun attended October 21-28 since he was selected to perform with the National FFA Band, participating in rehearsals and public concerts the three days before the convention began. During the convention, the band performed at many of the general sessions. Tanner was selected to introduce one of the band’s songs during the Friday concert. Three graduated members received their American FFA degree on October 28.  These members were Leslie Carroll, Sydney Lovegrove and Cody Whitehead.   
This year’s convention theme “I Can. We Will,” was evident throughout the convention. The theme was meant to inspire FFA members that they can make a difference in their school and communities and that if they work together they will  reach their goals. The members attended sessions where National FFA officers gave their retiring addresses, awards were presented and keynote inspirational and motivational speakers took the stage.
The opening session keynote speakers they heard included Laila Ali, daughter of famous boxer, Muhammad Ali. She shared her story about being destined to box and striving for her boxing goals, which led her to other careers including her own TV show.  The seventh session speaker was Jon Petz. He used magic tricks to captivate the audience and inspired the members to strive to be the best person they can be and treat all people with respect.  
FFA members selected leadership development and career building workshops to attend.  Some of the titles of the workshops the members attended were: Netflix or Checklist?  Who is That in the Mirror? How Tos of National FFA Scholarship, The Best Part of Waking Up is Teamwork in Your Cup, Who Holds the Stake and Find Your Future in Agriculture.
Our members also toured the Dallara Indy Car Factory where all the parts for Indy Cars are manufactured and where cars and parts are tested. Members were given the opportunity to take a ride in a street legal Indy Car while at the plant and practice their racing skills on simulators.
When members were not at workshops or on the tour, they visited the Career Expo, FFA Mall, the Hall of States exhibits and the Agriscience Fair displays. At the Career Expo, members interviewed an industry professional and talked to representatives from a variety of agriculture industries and colleges.     
Leslie, Sydney and Cody attended on Saturday to walk across the national stage to receive the prestigious American FFA degree. The American FFA degree is the highest FFA degree and demonstrates the maximum level of commitment to FFA and the significant accomplishments in their supervised agriculture experience. Less than 1 percent of FFA members earn this degree. Mr. VanDeWalle is proud of these three members’ dedication and involvement and the fact that this is his first year to have three members earn this degree in one year.  
A special appreciation to our school administrators and FFA Booster Club for providing the opportunity to attend. Our booster club also supported us financially with food that was brought on the trip, a chapter meal to celebrate the American degree recipients, and travel expense assistance for Tanner, Leslie, Sydney and Cody.