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Conway Rucks Across Fillmore County For Disabled Veterans


By Deb Jenkins,
Special to The Signal

On Saturday, November 4, Brandie Conway set the date to walk across Fillmore County from North to South, starting at County Road A at the Fillmore/York County line. At 5:30 a.m., fellow soldier Adam Wallin grabbed his backpack to join Brandie in her walk to raise money and to bring awareness for disabled veterans. A gofundme page was set up, Rucking for a Vet. Her goal was $5,000 and it exceeded $6,000.
"I have always wanted to help the men and women who completely gave ALL they had." Says Brandie.
They carried 22 pounds in their bags each and started their journey at 5:38 a.m. after a prayer, with a circle of church friends and family. It was 39 degrees as they started their journey.
Brandie’s mom, Glenda paced behind them with her flashers on, as they had glow sticks on them as well. Her mom, her husband Dave and friend Sara Jo Kunert, took turns as the “flashing” vehicle behind them at all times.
Nearly every mile of their journey, family and friends were at the intersections cheering them on with American Flags, wearing the T-shirts, waving signs and cheers of support. A facebook page called "Let’s Support Brandie C" was set up and friends would share pictures and go “live,” telling where they were and then people kept adding to their cheering section. People even joined in with them to walk a mile or so at a time.
At Fairmont, Lynn West brought his vehicle out with flashing lights to go over the overpass. People handed them gatorades. At the second Geneva exit, Alyssa Ledon-Kovanda joined Brandie and Adam and walked with them to the Thayer County line with her backpack and carrying an American Flag on her back waving in the wind.
They arrived at County Road Y just before 1 p.m. Greeting them were loads of cars waving flags and cheering for their finish!
Dave walked up to his wife and lifted the heavy bag off of her back in relief. Adam held up a math book that was one of the heavy things in his bag and then took off his shoes for a moment to look at blisters on his feet. Alyssa shared hugs with her family.
Family and friends shared hugs showing great support for all three of them. Friends handed them Starbucks, epsom salt bath soak and lots of kind words of support.
Brandie’s comment was “I never realized how far Strang was from the County line.”
Brandie was recognized in church at the Geneva UCC on Sunday by her Church Family supporters.