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Excellence In Leadership Award

Governor Ricketts recently announced Excellence in Leadership recognition award honorees for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
October is Nebraska State Teammate Recognition Month and state team members whose job performance exceeds the highest standards are recognized.
“Each and every day, members of TeamDHHS work to provide exceptional service to Nebraskans,” said Courtney Phillips, DHHS CEO. “This award allows us to recognize and celebrate the professional achievements of our team members whose performance and customer service exceeds all expectations.”  
Honorees are customer-focused team members who embody the mission, vision, and values of DHHS and the State of Nebraska. They demonstrate exemplary performance, go above and beyond the scope of assigned responsibilities, and set the example of knowledge, expertise and dedication required of state employees.
Geneva honoree was Jodeen Swartz, Administrative Assistant I, YRTC-Geneva, Division of Children and Families.
Jodeen has worked at the YRTC-Geneva for several years and has been an integral part of the underlying functions of the facility. She has contributed to several different roles while working at YRTC-Geneva. She keeps track of important data on the youth and staff in addition to other roles that benefit Geneva. As one of the prior Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) managers of the facility, Jodeen helped establish PREA guidelines and training for both staff and youth. She coordinates the training for all staff on campus and makes sure the facility is meeting American Correctional Association (ACA) requirements. Jodeen is also responsible for collecting certain data that is used for Performance Based Standards (PBS) bi-annually. Jodeen passes along her knowledge in the different areas without hesitation and is always positive with her interactions and more than willing to help. She is not only a team-oriented individual, but she goes above and beyond her job duties to ensure others are successful as well.
DHHS’ team members receiving the Excellence in Leadership award was honored along with all State teammates receiving this honor on  November 1, with a ceremony with Gov. Pete Ricketts in the Capitol Rotunda and a reception at the Governor’s Residence.