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Breast Cancer Awareness Is Observed At GFWC Meeting

The GFWC Exeter Woman's Club met on October 17, at the home of Agnes Loukota, with 11 members present.
Bonnie Cudaback introduced Emergency Manager of Fillmore County, Jim Dunker. Jim told of the time leading up to becoming the E.M. He had worked with FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) in Washington, D.C. and Denver. Upon returning to Geneva, he learned that the E.M. position was open and was hired. He told of the many jobs that it entails, such as assisting in putting up the 911 reflective address signs in the county.
President Cheryl Luzum then called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance and Club Collect were recited. Cheryl welcomed our special guest, NFWC President Karen Crandall of Papillion. Secretary Bonnie read the minutes of the last meeting and in the absence of the treasurer, Sharon Muller gave her report. Corresponding Secretary, Patty DeMoss reported having sent four cards since last report.
Elaine Oldehoeft, Rebecca Hasty and Bonnie Cudaback reported on the Mississippi Valley Conference they attended September 21-23. District Convention in Seward on October 4 was attended by Cheryl, Karen, Rebecca, Elaine and Bonnie. Karen and Bonnie contributed to the auction.
The Exeter Avenue Holiday Sampler was held on October 21. Suzanne Johnson, Karen and Elaine helped. A gift certificate was purchased at Greg's Market for the door prize. Members had brought items for the Living Water Mission for "Make A Difference Day," and Rebecca will deliver them.
A gift was given to Karen Chapman, who was co-president of the club the last two years. Co-president Kathy Due was absent.
NFWC President Karen announced the 2018 International Convention will be held in St. Louis and hosted by the Mississippi Valley Region. Our club will be asked to help. She also explanined the two raffles that are currently being held. The winner of one of the raffles will get expenses paid at the next state convention, the other is a "split the pot" raffle.
Homeless mats are being crocheted from plastic bags by Elaine Oldehoeft. They will be taken to the Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach. Agnes Loukota is assisting with the project. It takes 500-700 bags for one mat and they are 3 by 6 foot.
Elaine presented the Terry Lynn fund-raising program selling nuts and candies. Judy Dinneen made a motion to table this. It was seconded and passed.
Agnes Loukota showed one of the 90 colonoscopy bags she is making for Madonna Rehab. The NFWC Jrs. Chairman is promoting March of Dimes. Members are to fill a pill bottle with change and bring to a meeting before state convention next April. Rebecca told us a little about the GFWC International Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Any club member may stay there free. They are conducting a fiund-raiser for upkeep of the building.
President Cheryl announced our next meeting is November 21, at the UCC Fellowship Hall. Sue Bauman, author of "Grafton" will present the program. Members are to bring items for domestic violence. Hostesses are Suzanne Jonson and Rebecca Hasty.
Sue DeJonge, who has been a member of our club, was then honored with a reception, as she is moving to Trenton. A scripture wall hanging was given to her, made by Agnes, and given by the club.
Bonnie Cudaback,
Recording Secretary