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Geneva Mother's Club

The Geneva Mothers Club met in the Heritage Crossings Assisted Living dining room on October 5, with 11 members present.
President Mariann Anderson opened the meeting and led us in saying the Lord's Prayer and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.
Ruth Swanson was in charge of the program. She invited Steve Taylor of York Jewelry to talk to the group. He talked about the chocolate and black diamonds and also of other colored diamonds. Steve brought a few necklaces, rings and earrings to show. He told of the mines in different countries and the type of diamonds and colors each produced. Steve said 70 percent of the diamonds are used for industry and only 30 percent are used in jewelry. Everyone enjoyed his program.
Roll call was to share a Halloween memory. The secretary's report was read by Carol Strothkamp, the minutes were approved. It was decided to have anyone who hears of a Club member being ill or in the hospital to call the president and she will have the officers inform other members. Carol Strothkamp gave the treasurer's report. A memorial and card was given to the family of Ruth Maresh.
Carol Strothkamp and Jan Manire had October birthdays, the birthday song was sung for them. For reading, Ione Schelbitzki read "A Mother's Prayer."
The next meeting will be November 3 with Dee Schwisow as hostess and Mariann Anderson will have the program. Roll call will be what is your favorite Thanksgiving food. Also, it was decided to bring monetary gifts instead of canned goods to be donated to Blue Valley again this year.
Hostess Jan Manire served dessert, candy, nuts and coffee after the meeting.
Long time member Ruth Maresh passed away on September 27, and her funeral was September 30. Ten members attended her funeral as a group.
Carol Strothkamp,
Secretary pro tem