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Fairmont Attends Conventions

The 112th GFWC/NFWC District IV Women’s Clubs annual Convention was held at the Seward Civic Center on October 4. All eight clubs in the District were represented.  The Fairmont Woman’s Club had the most members attending. They were Sandy Nelson, Meleese Schmidt, Pat Gage, Beth Uden, Inez Logan, Delores Roper, Nancy Seward, Linda Carroll and Donna Lefler.
The meeting opened at 9 a.m., with coffee and rolls. The meeting was called to order by President Kim Fisher from Seward. The speakers in the morning were the NFWC State President Karen Crandall from Papillion and the NFWC President-elect Louise Zimmerman from Grand Island.  
Karen spoke on recruiting new members, reporting, public relations, communication and the expansion of the Ronald McDonald house which will be doubling in size and is to be finished by 2019. Clubs are to discuss what items they would like to donate to Ronald McDonald House (pillowcases, quilts, etc.) and email back to State President Karen Crandall what their club has decided. President Karen also mentioned that Nebraska is in category V with 11 states in the International Award Division and Nebraska won “eight” awards this past year.
During the memorial service given by Karen Chapman from the Exeter Woman’s Club, several Fairmont members shared memories of Marion Toon, a member their club had lost last May.
President-elect Louise Zimmerman shared a number of interesting facts about GFWC and about upcoming events during 2018 such as MVRC to be held in Grand Island next year and the International Convention will be in St. Louis in 2018.
Following lunch, a very interesting and informative program was given by the Nebraska Organ Recovery on how one donor can save as many as eight lives. A tissue donor can save over 100 lives. More information can be found about this on:   And they do not charge for giving presentations. The Coin March money collected will be given to the Nebraska Organ Recovery.
It was decided to have the District IV election of officers for 2018-2020 at the next summer District IV workshop.  Linda Hudson, president of the Belvidere Woman’s Club invited everyone to come there next October for the District IV Convention.
A fun fund-raising auction completed the day with Tara Plasek, NFWC junior director, from Seward acting as the auctioneer. She was assisted by Rene’ Holoway, District IV parliamentarian, from Bee and Rebecca Hasty, District IV second vice-president, from Seward.