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Shickley New Staff Members

Danielle Emmons, paraprofessional in the toddler room, joined the Shickley Public Schools staff in August. The kids call her “Miss Dani.” She is 21 years old and the grandchild of Stan and Sue Johnson. She absolutely loves kids.
She says, “They can be messy, emotional and sometime just plain gross, but they can also make your day in a matter of seconds by giving you the tightest of hugs and most sincere smiles.”
It fills Danielle’s heart to know that she gets to help kids learn and grow everyday. She is thankful to be able to love the daycare kids and be a part of our community.
Justin Elwonger, the new 7-12 science teacher, grew up in Falls City. He attended public school there before attending college at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. His undergraduate degree is in geology and he has a master’s degree in secondary education. He worked with the campus IT department during his undergraduate career.  
This is Justin's first teaching job.
He is married to Abigail, whom he met in college. Abi works at Cornerstone Bank in York. They currently live in Fairmont with their cat, Rico. Justin enjoys camping and backpacking in his spare time.