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Fairmont Woman's Club Honors Members

The GFWC Fairmont Woman’s Club met September 19, at Kerrys’ Café in McCool Junction for a luncheon and their regular meeting.
President Sandra Nelson welcomed members and guests Karen Crandall NFWC president and Kim Fischer NFWC District IV president. All joined in singing the Doxology before enjoying a delicious lunch.
Members repeated The Flag Salute and Club Collect in unison.
Members answered roll call by telling a club memory.
Committee reports were given: Conservation Chair Jean Priefert reminded members about watering plants, trees, etc.; Education Chair Marge Finley told about being informed about bills being proposed in our government; Home Life Chair Beth Uden told about heart attacks; International Outreach Chair Louise Gipson read an article from the Nebraska Clubwoman about GFWC International projects.
Secretary Beth Uden read the minutes of the May16 meeting, which were approved as corrected. Correspondence was read. A thank-you from the Relay for Life for the club’s team and donations for the Relay for Life was read.
Meleese Schmidt gave the treasurers report which was filed for audit.
Donna Lefler gave the report on the clubs Relay for Life team. The club had 100 percent participation, raised $3,910 and had 98 luminaries.
Members of the club that attended the NFWC District IV Workshop at Exeter on July 19 reported. The group enjoyed the day and thought they had learned about the different programs of GFWC and got many ideas for programs and projects.
President Nelson reminded members to bring candy for the Community Halloween party. Many of our members also work the night of the party.
The program for the day as “Honoring Our Members.” Nancy Galaway and Delores Roper were recognized for 50 years of service to the Fairmont club and GFWC. Their biographies were read. They received a 50 year membership pin and certificate and a letter of recognition from GFWC President Sheila Shae. Members who received certificates for their service and membership were: Jean Priefert-52 years, Inez Logan-49 years, Donna Lefler-42 years, Beth Uden-27 years, Louis Gipson-17 years, Kay Harris-10 years, Marge Finley-9 years, Lea Johnson-9 years, Sandra Nelson-5 years, Meleese Schmidt-5 years, Donna O’Brien-4 years, Marilyn Oates-4 years, Donna Thompson-3 years, Donna Atlmore-2 years, Pat Gage-2 years and Gloria Miller-2 years. Member who could attend this meeting at a later meeting.
Being no further business the meeting was adjourned.
The next meeting of the GFWC Fairmont Woman’s Club will be October 17, at 1:30 p.m., at the Fairmont Senior Center. The Thought for the Day will be given by Delores Roper. Roll call will be made by answering if you ever had a massage. The program will be “Feeling Good, Try a Massage” by Kathy Harris. Bring items for Living Waters Mission and for the Community Halloween Party.