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Local Qtr. Horse Ranch Honored

The American Quarter Horse Association honored this year’s 50-year breeders at a ceremony on September 25, at the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum in Amarillo, Texas. J-D Inc. (J Bar D Ranch) of Geneva was honored as a legacy breeder.
Each year, AQHA honors breeders who have dedicated their livelihoods to maintaining the integrity of the American Quarter Horse. These horsemen and families see their biggest accomplishments and proudest moments in the horses they breed.
The size and scope of J Bar D Ranch has evolved over the years, having never solely been a breeding operation. During peak production, there were as many as 100 head of horses on the property. Today, the ranch is home to 40 horses that are bred, broke, trained and shown by the Wilkins family.
“Fifty-year breeders are the backbone of the American Quarter Horse industry,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Craig Huffhines. “They have dedicated so much of their lives to the American Quarter Horse and they make the vision of our founders a reality through their knowledge and dedication.”
This year, the honorees included 13 legacy award winners and 11 cumulative award winners. Legacy breeders are those who have registered at least one foal for 50 consecutive years. Cumulative breeders are those who have registered at least one foal for 50 years cumulatively.
Honorees ranged from people who have bred American Quarter Horses for reining, racing, cutting, ranch and rodeo. All have dedicated 50 years to taking their best and making it better.
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