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Wind turbines may be located west of Fairmont

Bluestem Energy Solutions (BES), a Nebraska based energy development company is developing a renewable energy project for Perennial Public Power District.
Perennial is assessing the feasibility of a three wind turbine project. If the project would move forward, the energy produced would all be consumed by Perennial Public Power and their rate payers. Also if the project becomes a reality, the three wind turbines would be located west of Fairmont in Fillmore County.
Community based projects such as this are now feasible based on Perennial Public Power District’s new wholesale power contract, which allows Perennial PPD to generate a portion of their own electricity through local, renewable generation.
If the project would move forward, it would be a multimillion dollar investment into the county, create construction opportunities for local companies and increase the economic activity of the area through new tax revenue and landowner payments. Perennial’s board recently accepted Bluestem’s offer for the price that will be paid for the energy produced by the wind turbines.
BES recently performed preliminary dirt work at the proposed site and is actively working to obtain all of the required permits and approvals for this development, continuing it towards construction.