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Panthers 9-0 At Tri County

Adams, Jacobson, Schiermeyer notch career milestones

Friday and Saturday's Dual Tournament at Tri County was all about career milestones and team victories for the Fillmore Central wrestling team.  The Panthers went 9-0 on both days at the tournament and took top honors at the 10-team invite on January 9-10.
FC went undefeated to win the tournament.  Humboldt-Table Rock-Steinauer was second at Tri County and the home team took third place.  Also, at the two-day meet. Panther senior Trevor Adams earned his 150th victory of his high school wrestling career.  Fellow senior Davis Jacobson picked up his 100th victory by pin fall of his high school wrestling career.  Senior Wyatt Schiermeyer completed the career wrestling achievement sweep at Tri County by notching his 100th career victory in his wrestling career.
"We had a great two days of wrestling," FC head coach Ryan Komenda said.  "We went 9-0 to win the tournament.  We also had three wrestlers who reached career milestones...these are all very impressive accomplishments."
The Panthers began action at Tri County with a 48-25 win over Meridian.  Jacobson, Christian Lovan, Schiermeyer, Isaac Klar, Adams, Jarrod Hinrichs, Cole Jividen and Parker Trowbridge all registered wins against the Mustangs.
FC defeated H-TR-S 48-27 at Tri County.  Earning wins for the Panthers in this dual were Lovan, Jacobson, Schiermeyer, R.J. Hinrichs, Adams, J. Hinrichs, Jividen and Trowbridge.
The Panthers defeated Nebraska City JV 54-27.  Winners for FC included Lovan, Schiermeyer, Adams, J. Hinrichs, Jividen, Gaven Turgeon, Trowbridge, Cody Whitehead and Jacobson.
FC downed Pender 54-21 at Tri County.  Winning matches for the Panthers were Schiermeyer, Gatlin Motis, Travien Motis, Adams, J. Hinrichs, Jividen, Trowbridge, Whitehead and Jacobson.
The Panthers got past Tri County 36-31 in their toughest dual of the meet.  Champions for FC included T. Motis, Adams, J. Hinrichs, Jividen, Turgeon, Jacobson and Schiermeyer.
FC defeated Weeping Water 57-21.  Winners for the Panthers were Jividen, Turgeon, Trowbridge, Whitehead, Jacobson, Lovan, Schiermeyer, T. Motis, Adams and J. Hinrichs.
The Panthers cruised past McCool Junction 66-9.  FC grapplers earning wins over their Mustang opponents included T. Motis, Adams, J. Hinrichs, Jividen, Turgeon, Trowbridge, Whitehead, Jacobson, Schiermeyer, Klar and G. Motis.
FC defeated South Central Unified 48-18 in Tri County.  Panthers capturing their matches included Adams, J. Hinrichs, Jividen, Turgeon, Trowbridge, Whitehead, Schiermeyer and T. Motis.
The Panthers downed Auburn 48-27.  Earning wins against the Tigers for FC were J. Hinrichs, Turgeon, Whitehead, Schiermeyer, Klar, G. Motis, T. Motis and R.J. Hinrichs.

Komenda tabbed Gaven Turgeon as his squad's Practice Wrestler of the Week and Named Wyatt Schiermeyer, Davis Jacobson, Trevor Adams and Travien Motis as his team's Wrestlers of the Week.  The Panthers are in action this week at Centennial.