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New school year...

Fillmore Central students were greeted with three new faces as they began the school year this past week. Susan Biba (left) is the Family and Consumer Science instructor this year. Biba spent the past year teaching in the Sutton Public Schools. She previously served in the FC Middle School as the high-ability learning coordinator. Biba lives in Geneva, and has two children, Cathy and Brandon, who are FC graduates. Becky Jamison (middle) will be the K-8 Vocal Music teacher this year. Becky is a graduate of Arlington High School, and received her bachelor in education degree from Hastings College. Becky previously served as music instructor at Raymond Central Public Schools. Becky has recently moved to Geneva. Janene Sparke (right) is a new instructor at the FC Elementary School. She is a class size reduction teacher that will work primarily with the fourth grade. Janene is a graduate of Tabor College in Kansas and lives in Henderson.