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Close-Up Offers Washington, D.C. Opportunities

On the week of June 13, 14 Fillmore Central students made the week-long journey to our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. The trip was the result of approximately two years of fund-raising and preparation. Close-Up sponsors and organizers were Aaron and Shelia Lauby.

FC students who made the trip were Abbi Adkisson, Laura Baltzer, Alex Shaner, Paul Hubert, Rebecca Wicks, Ashton Soukup, Nate Parde, Mikaela Gerdes, Christine Ochsner, Kelly Jefferson, Emilie Workentine, Amaly Reinsch, Nicole Rosenquist and Sam Rickert.

Highlights of the week included visiting Arlington National Cemetery, the many memorials and monuments, meeting students from all over the United States including the Pacific Islands, and touring the many museums along the National Mall.

Congressmen Adrian Smith, Senator Mike Johanns, and Senator Ben Nelson were all very gracious to meet and answer questions from the participating students.

There will be an organizational meeting for prospective Close Up students for 2012 in August of the new school year. Any student that will be a sophomore or junior in the upcoming school year are eligible to participate. Contact Close Up sponsor Aaron Lauby if there are any questions in regards to the next Close Up trip.