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HOPE Cancer Rehab starts at FCH

By Signal Staff

The Fillmore County Hospital (FCH) in Geneva recently launched its HOPE Cancer Rehab Program in early November.
Cancer rehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care.  It provides physical, psychological, vocational and nutritional therapies to people diagnosed with cancer.  FCH now has oncologist Dr. Mark Hutchins available monthly on site to see patients.  Dr. Hutchins has long advocated for a cancer rehab program in Geneva.
Cancer rehab is available prior, during and after treatment.  Cancer rehab can benefit the patient by improving physical strength and endurance, psychological assistance in dealing with a cancer diagnosis and associated anxiety and depression, treatment and prevention of lymphedema, nutritional support and assistance with speech or swallowing difficulties associated with the disease and/or treatment.
A cancer navigator is available throughout your treatment to frequently reassess the cancer patient's needs throughout treatment and after treatment. For more information on clinical navigators, contact Jody Degenhardt, RN, BSN, or Heather Probasco, MOT, OTR/L at 402-759-4924.
A Time to Heal, a 12 week course for cancer patients and caregivers, will start in early January 2019 and take place at the Geneva Public Library.  The program assists people who have just finished cancer treatment; whose cancer has reoccurred; or who have chronic or metastic cancer.  Sessions are held weekly in the library's large meeting room.  They last approximately 90 minutes and spouses, significant others and/or caretakers are encouraged to attend.
Contact Sue Keenan at 402-759-4924 ext. 500 for more information on this program.
Volunteers to assist with the HOPE Cancer Rehab program at FCH are also needed.  Contact Amanda Sanchez at 402-759-3167 ext. 254 for more information about becoming a volunteer.