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Surveyor Appointed

Signal Editor

The Fillmore County Board of Supervisors held its first meeting of November last week.  Among the items on the November 13 agenda were:
• The county board voted unanimously to re-appoint Tom Krueger of Hastings as county surveyor for a new four-year term.  Krueger has held the position for the county since 1986.  Krueger told the supervisors that he has been more busy than usual lately finding corners in the county.
He also passed around a bag full of marker stakes he has uncovered inside Fillmore County.  Krueger also serves as county surveyor in Adams, Nuckolls and Webster counties.
• The supervisors unanimously approved the Sunnyslope Subdivision, which will be 9.20 acres in size in Momence Township.
• Fillmore County ag producer Mike Kamler requested that County Road Q between County Road 5 and County Road 6, west of Geneva, be removed from minimum maintenance to county specs—including the placing of gravel on this mile of road.  No action was taken.
• The supervisors instructed Fillmore County Highway Superintendent Pat Halbur to conduct a survey into the possibility of closing County Road A between County Road 22 and County Road 23, northeast of Exeter.
• The county board voted unanimously to have the County Roads Department place three road signs around the area of County Road F and County Road 3.
• The county board heard Halbur read the current County Policy on keeping fencing out of the county right-of-way.  The supervisors agreed this County Policy should be enforced inside the county.