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2011 MarketPlace to be Held in Kearny February 22 and 23


MarketPlace is an event focused on Energizing small businesses and rural communities. The conference features hands-on learning opportunities for potential and existing business owners including on and off farm/ranch, storefront or home-based; community leaders; and youth interested in entrepreneurship. Businesses and organizations from lots of sectors attend, and each year brings more success and diversity


Topics included in the event center on Marketing, Financing, Community Development, Technology, Business Development, Innovation, Youth, and Policy

MarketPlace is important to small business owners. Attendee surveys have shown that 52 percent of small business participants have stared, expanded or made changes to their business because of the conference and about one-third of small business respondents have added jobs since participating in MarketPlace. Over 75 percent of small business respondents have reported using new resources because of their participation in MarketPlace.


Anyone interested in learning more about or attending the 2011 MarketPlace may call Patt Lentfer, Fillmore County Development Director at 759-4910 or go to