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Endorf Top Corn Producer


Daykin, Neb. – David E. Endorf of Daykin, Neb., recently won second place in the Ridge Till Non-Irrigated division of the 2010 National Corn Growers’ Association’s (NCGA) Corn Yield Contest in Nebraska. Endorf won with Pioneer® brand hybrid 33D49, which yielded 183 bushels per acre.

Endorf earned one of the 359 state titles won by growers planting Pioneer hybrids. The NCGA awarded 522 state titles in this year’s contest. Growers planting Pioneer hybrids dominated the contest and won 69% percent of all state awards presented.

The NCGA Corn Yield Contest is an annual competition among corn producers with the goal of producing the highest yields. In the contest, growers compete within a broad range of corn production classes, including non-irrigated, no-till/strip-till non-irrigated, no-till/strip-till irrigated, ridge-till non-irrigated, ridge-till irrigated and irrigated classes.

“Each year, we continue to see growers planting Pioneer corn hybrids succeed in the NCGA Corn Yield contest, and we’re thrilled that these growers choose Pioneer products for these winning yields,” says Pioneer President Paul E. Schickler. “These results continue to demonstrate the impressive yield potential that Pioneer genetics bring to our customers, and it also demonstrates what growers can achieve by planting the right product on the right acre.

“We’re excited about the diversity of hybrids represented in this year’s contest by growers planting Pioneer products,” he says. “It shows that Pioneer is advancing hybrids locally to help growers succeed across diverse environments.”