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Helping With Earth Day Jamboree...

On September 21, FFA members and Agricultural Education students from Shickley went to Clay Center for the Earth Day Jamboree. Members included: Amy Hendrickson, Dylan Launstein, Blake Stengel, Tyler Launstein, Samantha Plock, Nathan Hendrickson, Marissa Hochstetler, Austin Oswald, Cynthia Mick, Jeremy Row, Alex Kluna, William Mick, Derek Swartzendruber, Megan Swartzendruber, Jose Gamboa and Benjamin Row. The students served as tour guides for fifth and sixth grade classes from surrounding schools and helped in a GPS presentation. The different information areas that they went to were: Science on the Farm, The Amazing World Under our Feet, Wild Trackers, River Run, or Astronaut Day, Shop or Drop, The Wild World of Pest Management, Environmental Jeopardy, and Project Wild. The fifth and sixth graders learned everything from how to get rid of pests in the house to how to preserve our Wetlands. A special hands-on project that everyone enjoyed was goat milking. Not only did the elementary students learn about how to protect our Earth, but the guides and teachers that were with them also picked up a few new things that they may not have known.