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Laptops Assist Career Finding

Finding a career that fits one’s interests, skills and chosen lifestyle can be a daunting task; however, freshmen enrolled at Fillmore Central High School are getting a head start through a 12-week exploratory careers class.

Students are introduced to career websites such as Nebraska Career Connections, the Nebraska Career Information System and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which houses the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

The Nebraska Career Connections site is relatively new and provides free lifetime access for all registered users through a collaborative effort of several state agencies and nonprofit organizations. It provides a central online location for career, job, education, planning and training resources.

With individual laptop use available this year, the sites are more easily accessed than in the past and students are being more productive.

During the class, students are given valuable time to assess their skill level, interests and values through career assessments. The assessment results help the students pinpoint the career cluster areas, which they should further, investigate. Current student, Caroline Motis states, “I think this class has helped me understand more about what career paths I should select. We have used our computers to help us show how we can decide on a career cluster.“

The Careers Exploratory course allows time to extensively study one career cluster and a specific career after which the students write a report and make a presentation to other class members. Instructor Cindy Talley states, “Having a class such as this helps students make wise choices when selecting future classes during their high school years.”

Besides studying the career clusters, the freshmen learn about different post-secondary educational options, prepare application blanks and resumes and discuss the importance of taking advantage of testing opportunities such as the PLAN test and PSAT.