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Geneva Fire, Rescue Offers Fire Extinguisher Training

The Geneva Fire and Rescue Department offers free fire extinguisher training to any Geneva business or organization. Although this program has been available for several years, the department is increasing its effort to promote this simple training. The goal is to ensure proper operation of a fire extinguisher by as many members in the community as possible.
“If a fire extinguisher is not used properly, it can make the fire worse,” according to Dan Taylor, Fire Prevention Officer with the Geneva Fire Department.
Utilizing the PASS Technique (Pull pin, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep), Taylor and several other Geneva Fire and Rescue volunteers will provide the hands-on training either on-site at the business or will arrange for an offsite training to accommodate the outside space needed. Typically, a 30-foot by 30-foot outdoor space is needed to conduct the half hour training.
The fire extinguishers used for the training are provided by the Geneva Fire and Rescue Departments at no cost. All fire extinguishers within the Geneva Fire and Rescue Department must be retired every 12 years due to federal safety regulations. Most of the extinguishers are fully operational after 12 years and are ideal for conducting the fire extinguisher safety training.
For additional information or to schedule a free training for your business or organization, please contact Taylor or Geneva Fire Chief Mike Grothe.