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FCH adds 64-slice CT scanner to radiology dept.

Signal Editor

Just like layering a sandwich or enjoying pizza, having more slices available with your CT (computerized tomography) scanner is a very good thing.
Fillmore County Hospital’s (FCH) radiology department recently upgraded their CT equipment from a 16-slice scanner to an ultra-fast 64-slice scanner.
FCH Radiology manager Kim Taylor told members of the FCH Governing Board last Tuesday afternoon that the new scanner was installed in the hospital in Geneva in early May and radiology staff has trained with the new equipment for about three weeks.
"This is quite the upgrade for us," Taylor said.  "We can now do some brain..kidney exams..that we couldn't do here before and everything is much, much faster."
The new GE Revolution EVO allows the technologists to perform CT exams that monitor and greatly reduce radiation dose to their patients, as well as decreases the length of time a patient may be required to hold their breath during an exam. The upgrade allows them to perform some highly technical exams that patients previously had to travel to Lincoln for.
"Lowering patient radiation dose is a very big issue in the industry right now and this addition allows us to do that," Taylor said.  "The speed of this machine also increases patient comfort.  And with this higher speed, we haven't lost any image quality."
The Revolution EVO features added graphics to help ease patient anxiety and improve patient communication, a favorite addition of all of the technologists.  Also, the new scanner was similar in size to the older version and the main radiology room at FCH didn't have to be changed much.
"We are tickled to get this here," Taylor said.  "This is a very big deal for us and our hospital medical staff."