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Fillmore County Hospital, Has Positive Impact On Fillmore County’s Fiscal Health

Fillmore County Hospital does more than provide health care services in Fillmore County. It also has a positive economic impact on the overall fiscal health of the community. Through a combination of traditional hospital services, behavioral health inpatient and outpatient services, wellness programs, telehealth technology and community partnerships, Fillmore County Hospital’s commitment to health extends far beyond the hospital walls.
“We are the largest employer in Fillmore County and offer some of the best paying jobs and benefits,” said Chris Nichols, Chief Executive Officer at FCH. “We also recruit many healthcare professionals who live, raise families and spend money here at home.”
Based on a recent report provided to FCH by the Bryan Health based Heartland Health Alliance, the 174 jobs at Fillmore County Hospital create a direct impact of just under $19 million dollars in revenue. State and local taxes on that revenue is over $221,000.  The indirect and induced impact on other businesses creates an estimated cumulative effect of over $35 million dollars.
Nichols states, “The message is that our hospital plays a vital role in the local economy that expands beyond the walls of our hospital. Through both a direct and indirect impact, the data shows that there is a large impact on other businesses that have a very positive cumulative to our local economy as a whole.”
“Across our Heartland Health Alliance network, we see how each hospital is driving growth by making the community attractive to business and industry,” said Carol Friesen, Vice President Health System Services for Bryan Health. “And when residents retire, they tend to stay in, or move to, communities with quality health care facilities.” Bryan Health is the sponsoring organization for Heartland Health Alliance.