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Kindness Rocks Project started

The United Methodist Church third and fourth grade Sunday School Class is turning cold, hard rocks into hallmarks of kindness.  By taking an ordinary rock, adding a few dabs of paint and some kind words, they’re transformed into hide-and-seek reward of a treasure hunt that’s spreading across our community.
Chandler Schelkopf, Sunday school teacher, discovered this Kindness Rocks Project and took it to his students. It took little persuasion to get his class to start converting rocks into heart-warming tokens.
Chandler says, “I’m not an artistic individual, but I’m finding my creative side as I paint small images of animals, symbols, characters along with words of inspiration on each rock. Each rock has its own meaning depending on whose hands it ends up in.”
Once the rocks were painted, the class went on an adventure to spread the kind messages throughout the community. They started distributing the rocks in Geneva during the end of November. Now it’s the community’s turn to take part in the Kindness Rocks Project.
Keep your eyes to the ground as you may discover one of these treasures hidden in a flowerbed or rock area. Those who find the rocks are then encouraged to paint and hide their own. The idea is that even an unassuming rock can offer a sign of human connection and inspiration.
If you find a kindness rock be sure to post a picture on #TheKindnessRocksProject social media page. This way we can all stay connected in our quest to spread kindness throughout our loving community.