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Fillmore County Trap Season Ends In Doniphan

Rain, cold and mud are three words that defined the 47th annual Cornhusker National Trapshoot. The Fillmore County Trap team participated in the shoot in Doniphan on April 28-30. Fillmore County’s 49 competitors were among the 2,584 shooters (52 more than last year) that took part in the annual three-day event. The local team competes as a 4-H Team.
Of the 862 competitors in the Junior division, 23 were from the local team. The Junior division shoots 100 rocks each. Carson Tatro led the Fillmore County shooters, nailing 93 rocks and finishing 22nd overall. Trenton Srajhans followed closely with 92 rocks and a 29th place finish. The squad of Connor Nun, Trenton Srajhans, Wyatt Nun, Carson Tatro and Brock Tatro broke a combined 411 rocks and placed sixth in the 4-H Junior Team competition. All the FC junior squads finished within The Top 15.
In the Senior division, 26 Fillmore County shooters competed in a field of 1,722 competitors from across the state. The Senior team shot 75 rocks on Thursday and another 75 from their handicap yardage on Saturday. Jamey Broman nailed it in the handicap rounds on Saturday, breaking 70 rocks to earn the High Ladies Handicap trophy.
During the 16’s round on Friday, Wyatt Deepe, Garrett Whitley, Colton Jacobsen and Jesiah Rasmussen knocked down 73, 72, 72 and 71, respectively.
Two Fillmore County squads faired well in team placing even though the weather was not ideal. Logan Peppard, Jesiah Rasmussen, Kyle Broman, Deepe and Whitley placed seventh from the 16’s in the 4-H 16’s division and placed 14th in the 4-H Team Overall. The ladies squad of Jamey Broman, Marissa Nun, Lauryn Monteforte, Lydia Birky and Chelsea Fessler placed fourth in the Ladies Handicap Team division on Saturday with a combined score of 281.
The Cornhusker Trapshoot marks the official end to the 2016 season for the Fillmore County Trap team. It was the final competition for graduating seniors Cody Whitehead, Jesiah Rasmussen and Isaac Boon. Many members will continue shooting through the summer in the local league and participating in area shoots. Coached by Ron Schropfer and Chris Coash, the trap team appreciates all the support they receive from the community.
State results for Senior Team (16 yd/handicap/total out of 150):
Garrett Whitley, 72/59/131; Wyatt Deepe, 73/58/131; Marissa Nun, 70/58/128; Logan Peppard, 66/62/128; Colton Jacobsen, 72/56/128; Jamey Broman, 58/70/128; Tyler O’Connor, 67/59/126; Parker Trowbridge, 61/63/124; Jesiah Rasmussen, 71/53/124; Shane Fessler, 55/66/121; Kyle Broman, 64/57/121; Kaleb Scheil, 62/58/120; Cody Whitehead, 55/63/118; Chris Lichti, 61/56/117; Caleb Hendrickson, 60/57/117; Lauryn Monteforte, 62/52/114;  Tanner Nun, 56/55/111; Lydia Birky, 59/51/110; Chelsea Fessler, 60/50/110; John Alfs, 42/62/104; Gatlin Motis, 43/59/102; Isaac Boon, 49/50/99; Baylee Howell, 42/55/97; Dylan Vodicka, 44/46/90; Travien Motis, 40/40/80; and Haley Hiatt, 31/37/68.
State results for Junior team (total out of 100):
Carson Tatro, 93; Trenton Srajhans, 92; Brock Tatro, 86; KayLynn Sieber, 84; Regan Alfs, 83; Jared Engle, 82; Riley Hiatt, 81; Austin Plock, 81; Isaac Janing, 79; Conner Nun, 78; Kyler Tweedy, 75; Gunner Gewecke, 74; Thane Kimbrough, 74; Aiden Trowbridge, 74; Adam Alfs, 73; Michelle Fessler, 72; Tucker Stutzman, 69; Nathan Nelson, 67; Ellijah Rose, 67; Izayah Morris, 66; Wyatt Nun, 62; Cainan Lovan, 58; and Devin Kronhofman, 43.