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Pre-Fair 4-H Contests Held

The 2010 fair season began on July 7 with the Favorite Foods, Company’s Coming and Presentations contests. 4-H’ers participating in the Favorite Foods Contest planned a themed menu and table setting. One food that the 4-H’er prepared was brought to the contest along with the selected table service and centerpiece. Contestants in the Company’s Coming Contest created a meal on-site, using tableware and foods from the contest pantry. In each contest, 4-H’ers were also judged on their communication skills by presenting their menu to a judge.

4-H’ers competing in the Presentation Contest used their public speaking skills to demonstrate a skill or share information with the audience using posters or multimedia.

Favorite Foods Junior Division winners are purple, John Alfs and Joan Strate; blue, Regan Alfs, Grace Jacobson, Alexis Schmidt, Chole Stofer and Tori Stoldorf. The reserve champion was John Alfs and the champion was Joan Strate.

Favorite Foods Intermediate Division Champion is Ashi Soukup.

The Viewer’s Choice Award is voted on by all those in attendance at the Favorite Foods Contest. This year’s Viewer’s Choice winner was Chloe Stofer.

Company’s Coming Junior Division winners are purple, Alexis Schmidt, Tori Stoldorf and Joan Strate; blue, John Alfs and Regan Alfs; red, Grace Jacobson and Chloe Stofer. The reserve champion is Joan Strate and the champion is Tori Stoldorf.

Company’s Coming Intermediate Division Reserve Champion is Ashli Soukup and Champion is Lindsey Stoldorf.

Two 4-H’ers participated in the Presentation Contest. In the Junior Division reserve champion is Alexis Schmidt and champion is Chandler Schelkopf.