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Golden signature...

Olympic gold medalist Curtis Tomasevicz signs the sleeve of Exeter-Milligan student Eric Olsen after his presentation to the student body and community members on Wednesday, May 5, in the E-M gymnasium in Exeter. The Shelby native, who helped guide USA One to gold in the four-man bobsled event at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada (the first gold medal in the event in 62 years), talked for about an hour on Wednesday and then spent nearly another hour signing autographs and posing for photos with the enthusiastic crowd. The former Nebraska football walk-on told his audience his life has changed remarkably in the last few months—from visiting the White House, appearing on the David Letterman Show and being on the cover of Sports Illustrated to jamming with Pearl Jam at a concert in Kansas City. “I’ve found myself to be on quite an adventure since making the U.S. bobsledding team,” Tomasevicz said. “We’ve accomplished more in the sport the past four years, than we have in the past 50 years combined.” He was introduced on May 5 by fellow Shelby-native and E-M teacher Grant Gabel.